Genetic Invasion

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Keyboard controls for the game


Keys have been chosen for a french keyboard because it is what we use.
But you can easily change controls from the "Controls" option of the main menu.

Controls are inspired by the quake3 controls, this is why you move the camera with you left hand on the keyboard and use your right hand on the mouse to select a turret-type and build it.


  • z,q,s,d : move camera to the up,left,down,right
  • arrows : same thing
  • wheel : switch turret-type
  • mouse clic : build a turret
  • p : pause
  • m : mute
  • n : next song
  • ctrl+wheel : zoom control
  • shift+wheel : speed control
  • esc : quit game to menu

Created: 5 years 9 months ago
by Côme Bernigaud

Updated: 5 years 8 months ago
by Côme Bernigaud

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